Monday, November 19, 2012

Hi Everyone...Thanksgiving is almost here and so looking forward to it ....

This is really bad, i found her eating my rose prints,  OMG!!!   well i figure it adds a little more to the print now..
She also loves roses as much as i do, expect she wants to eat them...
Beautiful hat boxes
Love these boxes of matches
adding some wallpaper to one wall in my work room, and adding some beautiful blue rose wall paper to one wall in Sadi's room as well...   In this Photo just pinned it up to make sure i like before i paste... I believe it adds a lot to the room without a over whelming feeling, just by doing one wall with a simply rose trail pattern.. when i am finished i will show more  photos..
My Beautiful new niece  Brookyn Sage
The Sweater is by Lily Ashwell,   This is the one  piece of the collection that was a must have for me,   It is the most beautiful , vintage looking sweater.... the colors are perfect !!! 
love my knitted socks..
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!


Sherry Hicks said...

it is all so pretty! what a pretty little niece, bunny is eating least bunny has good taste, wallpaper will be cool and love your sweater. Where did you get all the matches?? they are pretty

Unknown said...

Hi Tausha!!
I love your new photos,new boxes,boxes with matches-they are so cute! Collection Lily Ashwell is a beautiful,beautiful piece you chose!
Have a nice day!!!

Simply Me said...

Hey Sherry, Ebay had 3 for $20 Thank you ladies

michele said...

gorgeousness everywhere! including brooklyn.

pop by and go shopping with me in paris, oui?

smiles to you.


Victoria said...

That is so funny that the bunny ate your rose prints! We had a bunny when my boys were little and he chewed through a ton of wires, it was awful!

I love your sweater, it's very *you*!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Tausha!

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

LOVE the wallpaper in your home office soo much..where did you find it Taush? Also LOOOOVE the a wonderful Thanksgiving my sweet friend!! xoxo Rachel

Tina said...

beautiful as always! Happy Thanksgiving!

Heaven's Walk said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you're doing with your workroom, Tausha! The wallpaper adds a touch of warmth and femininity and is a perfect backdrop to your vignettes. ♥ Where did you find it? What is the name and brand?

Had to giggle at Pillow eating your painting. lol Wonder if she liked the taste of the paint or the canvas? lol

Your niece is just adorable! What a sweetie pie! And your sweater....beautiful!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend!

xoxo laurie

Sea Witch said...

What a sweet, rose petal eating bunny. Those hand spun/hand knitted socks look so toasty.

Ivy and Elephants said...

Gorgeous photos! That little bunny is too adorable! Ditto you cute little niece.
Have a happy thanksgiving!

Heirloom treasures said...

How lovely all your pics are. So soft and feminine. Little bunny is so cute as is your niece.

Shabby soul said...

Hello my darling friend how are you? What a Sweet darling baby...
I love your wallpaper, I thaught to put some on my baby boy walls. I'm looking to see more images!

Michaela Búranová said...

Dear Tausha, I love your blog so much!!! Your home is so beautiful... You are my inspiration, I visit your blog everyday :))) I look forward to the new post... Have a nice day! Michaella

Anonymous said...


Love everything, as usual! The pictures are again, breathtaking! Love the Rachel Ashwell matches, your adorable rose painting and roses eating bun bun, your beautiful sweet little niece, your gorgeous Lily Ashwell sweater, and those cozy looking wool socks? I love it all!

...Ann. :)

Mona said...

Hi. I absolutely love those gorgeous socks. Did you knit them? If so, what yarn and pattern did you use? If not, where did you purchase them? Thank you, Mona at peaceandquilts@gmail.ckm