Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From the other side of the bonus room

i put a rug on the wall behind for now, I'm searching for a old door or something else, but for now it will stay
this is a close up of it
this is my favorite chair that hopefully one day i will have a makeover for her....
and my new crochet bag, i just love this bag  (it was a anniversary present from my husband) i will have more pictures of this bag...she may be in all my photos ...lol   it really is a large beautiful bag,i have had 5 comments on it in Two days...everyone ask Did you make that ...i wish !!
so this sums it up....very simply .  the other side of this room has two other small white sofas and a tv for my husband ,kinda like a family room area.  I will show you pictures soon!!!!