Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I want to share with everyone a blog that has the most inspirational photos ,very bohemian style but shabby as well take a look. the name is Moon to Moon

here are two photos form her blog, that i just love and are my favorite, i want that chair !!

a new table i call it my wayne....after my husband....

we had some left over wood from last summer sitting by our barn, and i kept asking my husband please you can make me a table, so finally he did...then i get to paint !!!  Now on the look out for little chairs, i do have a white bench a may use ... or this table could be a great serving table. We are out here all the time. One of my favorite tiles, Mexican tile ...my husband too, if he had it his way our whole house would be in mexican tile, 

i may have to beat up the table a little more ...lol  it sits opposite to the white table i have out here