Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hi everyone!! First i would like to tell everyone that my tv is not white, i had a really good freind of mine Kyle build a white frame for it, so surprise!! i looked everywhere for a white tv, i did find them but they were thousands of dollars..uh no i was not going to spend that much money for a tv, maybe something but not a tv.

Since blogging i have meet so many nice people... a very sweet and kind lady name Karen  she invited me to her shop in central Florida Art Angles mall and market it was so beautiful, plenty of antiques and you can even buy Flowers there...i was in heaven!!!  
Beautiful old Ralph Lauren sheet set..this is why i love having beds in my living room,  i love buying sheets, i use them for all sorts of things, like tablecloths and so ,and pillows used every where, i use everything i have and i pretty much use everything i have everywhere as you can tell. There is nothing i  purchase that is just for show.
in this picture my ripped up old jean shorts, i just thought would make a cute photo, and check out the Round rose blue pillow, i also bought from there shop
also bought this large euro square pillow sham, just Lovely ! I have more i will show photos later
So many people have ask me about this bedding, it is Simply Shabby Chic...they have in white or light gray soft jersey !!  I have only seen at one Target so far, i have not seen online yet...i thought would be so cute for his room. I bought it at a Target, not super Target maybe that's why  I don't know...    Hope everyone has a great Day !!!   Thank you so much Karen  Sue Bee!!!  I will be back...and Florida girls go check them out!!