Friday, August 26, 2011

My kitchen table is a little messy Fridays are laundry day . Not to mention my bed a little messy also, but Love it that way, i would love to spend the rest of my day in my bed!!  My dream bedding would be Rachel Ashwell's  white petitcoat duvet,  But for now simple linen will do Simply Shabby Chic
My favorite vintage mirror 
this little one does not like flowers, i kept asking him to hold it so i can take a pic of him, but he just wanted to throw it down and step on it , so heres the pic
A white leather Juicy Couture bag, Clearance at Marshalls, a long time ago . I have a really bad addiction.  the dresser i bought for $30 at a yard sale.
the cutest shade!! all fallen apart had to hot glue it ...only have one
Hope everyone has a wonderful Weekend!!!!