Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello Everyone!!! Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments over the weekend!!

Here are some new items i purchased on Saturday, Two Rachel pillows, really it was one,the white one came inside of the pink one ..not from target for the first time. A Shabby Chic Interiors Writing Set, and two flower vases, just beautiful .... My Flowers i purchased from my favorite place in Lake Worth,fl they sell all there flowers in buckets,and i paid $7.99 for each pack, and you get a big bunch!!   i bought 3 bunches. they soon will be put all around the home. That is my favorite thing to do, put flowers every where.
I will tell everyone where i purchased and have more photos for you soon.....tomorrow!!!!!  p.S  I hope everyone found there ruffled shabby chic pink pillows, i do have the UPC code if needed..... Have a Great Week!!!  Also the Chair i made the slip cover for, is a RA Simply Shabby Chic blue duvet, you can find online, they are not sheets, it was a duvet cover.....