Sunday, May 15, 2011

Something about a Table without Chairs!!! Of course the peonies make it too! I bought the flowers from Target as well... they were Beautiful , $9.99 for 3 of them, which was not bad considering at a florist $10-$12 for one stem. I also do not have a beautiful garden, one day i will right now i too busy to take care of it .. I will start slowly.. i do have some rose trees...

something about a table with no chairs that i just love to see, i have always wanted the Rachel Ashwell Petitcoat tablecloth but i cannot afford it, so i tried to get the LOOK!! so basically Simply Shabby Chic !  i use my linens everyday for all reasons, i feel nothing is to precious you cannot wash !! Who cares about a little stain, adds character ..
this is funny, look what i use to dry my large comforters, also i posted about this blanket before, and i left it out in the sun for a few days, and a few washing, and now look how Beautiful ...Faded away blues and pinks.
New PJs from Target, they are so sweet, white, and ruffled, the one on the left is a dress, and on the right are sleep shirt and shorts  how cute!!
this was my Sunday morning kitchen
Have a lovely week everyone!!!

I Love Sundays!!!!

My Flower days !!! I hope everyone gets to relax and have a wonderful Sunday !! 
after my flowers are put in there places, i will sit back and enjoy the rest of my day !!!!