Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello Everyone!!! I have missed you!!! I hope everyone is doing well i have not been on the blog seen in a while..

i have been taking time for me !!! just enjoying my life and family.. i needed that..  i have made a few changes with the home here are some photos ... i moved the mantel and my white sofa to the my area, while the living room has the leather sofa , the children have taken over the LIVING ROOM for REAL!!
i did not plan to take any photos today, so this explains the desk/table for looking like its natural environment.. my chairs finally received there slipcovers... i love the new wooden chairs so much !!! .
i just love these!!! How beautiful 
my favorite outfits for this beautiful weather we are having here in Florida, Nice and warm feels like Spring
Gabriel on the beach
its me,  cell phones are great now, i don't even need a mirror anymore, just check my
ititHave a Great Day Everyone!!  Take Care