Monday, February 28, 2011

This picture is a gift from Ginger at Prairie Girl Farm

Ginger was one of my first followers, ever since we have built a really great relationship, She is so sweet to send me these vintage prints, and soap bars made from her own little goats on her farm. For her to think of me ...What a wonderful Gift!!! Thanks so much Ginger...
                                                                              luv Tausha

vintage boxes

I found some vintage boxes & Rachael Ashwell  Comforter (english rose) and two shams . I found the Comforter at TJ maxx  for $50 . I was happy!!!  I did not need it, just wanted it

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My oldest daughters room A work in progress

 This is the begging stages, i had to find the bedding first, now comes everything else, first paint the walls. She wanted purple first, now just white, simply..I don't like alot of furniture in a bedroom, i think the bed should say it all.. I will have more pics as soon as i'm done....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i love grey ,and wrinkled fabrics

 i just love grey! this is a duvet cover , i thought of Rachael's table cloth when i saw this i may turn it into a table cloth.

this is my bonus room up stairs

this is where everything gets tossed away up stairs, i have 3 white sofas up here and its where i paint, kids play and husband watches t.v its always a mess , this room is a work in process, i will have more photos soon of the whole entire room. there is only one little window so its dark, that is the one thing about this room i do not like, i love natural light.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

To Heather at Chaotic Beauty Photography

i love fashion!   i don't think i have fashion ,  so thank you for that Heather. As far as jeans go i  will buy a good pair of jeans, so far if you like the vintage tear look, i bought 2 pairs from Abercrombie they were regular $98 dollars got on sale for $40 so that's not so bad for something i wear everyday.  i do have my fat jeans, and skinny jeans. i have had 4 kids, so i have been every   as far as tops i love going to forever 21 and Zara, Urban Outfitters or i will go to Marshall's and TJ maxx you can find awesome clothing there, if you have those stores where you live, i live in Florida. Forever 21 all lacy stuff. I love to layer my clothing. My favorite store to look at online Free People Clothing Online.. they had a very small line of there clothes in Macy's. I get all my ideas from them. they are really expensive. But they do have clearance !!!!! Yeah !!!  i love boots!! I have my favorite pair from the flea market $10 buck they already worn in and comfy they look like they are 25 years old. Also like Nine west boots . Mostly live in leather flip flops. The little dress i posted hanging on my mirror with the shoes, i bought for $15 at TJ maxx, i wear it with jeans or skirts , the layered look. Mostly live in jeans and pretty blouses, with lacy tops that is the most comfortably to me .  I'm a Florida girl, so its mostly hot all the time.  I will post some of my favorite clothes for you soon, my uploading is not working properly right now. But i Love this post, i get to talk about all the girly stuff with girls, and not my husband, or my 15 year old daughter who thinks i have no style at all.  I want to thank you Heather so much for that comment..........Love your Photos

my patio

I mixed the chairs up a little

Just a few more different photos of the living room corner

It's funny I have three white sofas, and this is what i end up using for this corner of the living, it just feels more cozy to me!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A corner of my living room

I chose to do something different in here wanted a more relaxed look.
This is where i take naps, read books, and watch the kids play. It seems as if everyone enjoys the living room the most. This idea came to me from Rachael Ashwell's Russian Folk Beds on her website .


Well i wish i could say this is where i go to read a book, or just realax. I have to tell you the truth my kids all sleep in here or play on my bed, all 4 of them.

My bed is never made!! thats the beauty to me !!

I Love Pillows

They have to be soft and smushy and pretty colors, for the love of Rachael Ashwell!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Kyle

This piece of furniture was built by a good friend of mine, I LOVE THIS!!!!  
                                                   He is really great at what he does !!!
My Husband gave it to me as a Valentines present with pink roses on it, it was all wood, then i stained it and painted it , then with some sanding, Voila !!!  Shabby  I use it for my foyer soon it will have all my magazines on it and of course bottles of flowers...

Monday, February 7, 2011

My bedroom, and vintage prom dresses , this picture was taken by the beautiful Chez Fifi, just love her and her work!!! Shes amazing!!!

my coffee table

waiting for spring to arrive

I use my indoor pillows for now until i can find the right outdoor cushions, but i like cozy pillows while lounging

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New clothes today yeah ! Not vintage but you can find new at aerie, the line is called Prairie. One is a dress really,but i will where as a shirt or Pj, so soft and comfortably.


This Photo was taking by Kim McCole, Daisy Cottage
This is my 3yr old daughter, she is just like her mommy loves white and pink !!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hi there, just wanted everyone to know how lucky i was yesterday, i had the beautiful Chez Fifi and the wonderful photography Kim, the amazing duo at my home yesterday.
Fifi was just amazing at what she does, and Kim with the photos they were just beautiful !!!!!!!