Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Friday !!  I have been Spring Cleaning like crazy!!!  Here are some photos around the home
New vintage blanket
This is Luv Bun  He is a snuggle bunny
 New Ballerina artwork i picked up at a flea market!!Meet my new bunny,
Here are a few photos of daughter took Having Fun ..
Not a model!! lol
Baby Gabriel last night on the kitchen table, he was nude, had to cover him a this is what he does when no one is looking ....... Have a Beautiful Weekend!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying there week so far ... Here are some photos of the home today

This is the Simply Shabby Chic Bedding from Target, Perfect for Spring I love the pink and white stripes on the back
My Dresser with a little makeover, French blue color
Simply Shabby Chic Curtains from Target, I have both Pink and blue ones
My husband surprised me with a 9 foot pinic table over the weekend, and i painted ...of course..
and my New Favorite Bag I went to a Pow Wow Native American Show and they had the most beautiful stuff, the bags and Jewelry where to die for..
and just some clothes i'm wearing today ..loving my new belt from Urban Outfitters in the above photo.
My morning view this morning, as you can see no Flowers, just a lot of green, One day that will change i plan on planting Roses all over...soon when i'm able to take care of them
wishing everyone a Lucky Day !!!