Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Friday !!!

Little details, placed pins on the stockings
the blue in the cabinet gives it just the right amount of color to the room... I am having fun in this room, wish it was mine now....
my treat!!
Left over wall paper made it to my room.. inside of the book cases..

Cute little DREAM ring from Lucky Brand...   The rings on the left our my Wedding rings, thought i would share since they are from my Husbands Grand Mother, its a very old setting, close to 100 years old...  Sentimental to me..  Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Big Thank You Rachel Pallas!!!

LOVE LOVE!!  this rug is velvet /lavender mix with the softness!!!  this is my love ... Thank you so much Rachel P  You made my Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxo  p.s all the other goodies the rhinestone, wish it fit
love everything, especially the millinery ..You know me...LOL
Using my vintage petticoat for a tree skirt.... Knew it would come in handy for something...

Finally finished Sadi's Room with baby blue rose wall paper....

I love this so much, so Vintage and Cute!!! time to put back everything part!!  The wall paper was very easy to do now, with spray glue i was able to do myself... 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hope everyone enjoyed there Thanksgiving....

Hi Everyone, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends, now time to decorate !!! Just love this time of year.. i wanted to make a cozy, comfy place for all of us to gather up around the tree this year... to achieve this so things were to be moved for a short time as you can see.. but i love the feeling ..
Comfy bean bags, sofa's and pillows on the floor..PERFECT!! for me..with some coffee . Blonde Starbucks
We buy a real tree every year, i really wanted a pink feather one, but my hubby said WHY??   maybe next year i will talk him into it, we can have both real and one pink for
love the simply look of brown boxes with ribbons...
pulling out the stockings..
Velvet ribbon bow
My Thanksgiving table, Had a wonderful dinner , hope you all did as well..
Thanksgiving Dinner ...
New shirt dress and Lucky Brand  boho bag 
Cute little lavender pillow from Bella Cottage $32 
My new love ... horseshoe pins. love love these started a new collection, need a little LUCK!
Little Pillow...uhmm  loves tress also
Vintage Blueberry crate.. i found on Esty for $30 and made my own liner for  it
i want to thank each one of you who follow me on my journey here in blog land... i just wanted you all to know how much i really appreciate all your comments, and i do read all of them.. i may not answer ever question but i try to..  sometimes i hardly write after my photos because i am so busy...  A big Hug and Kiss to each and every one of you !!! Happy Holidays!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hi Everyone...Thanksgiving is almost here and so looking forward to it ....

This is really bad, i found her eating my rose prints,  OMG!!!   well i figure it adds a little more to the print now..
She also loves roses as much as i do, expect she wants to eat them...
Beautiful hat boxes
Love these boxes of matches
adding some wallpaper to one wall in my work room, and adding some beautiful blue rose wall paper to one wall in Sadi's room as well...   In this Photo just pinned it up to make sure i like before i paste... I believe it adds a lot to the room without a over whelming feeling, just by doing one wall with a simply rose trail pattern.. when i am finished i will show more  photos..
My Beautiful new niece  Brookyn Sage
The Sweater is by Lily Ashwell,   This is the one  piece of the collection that was a must have for me,   It is the most beautiful , vintage looking sweater.... the colors are perfect !!! 
love my knitted socks..
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!