Thursday, October 20, 2011

Touches of Pink!!

i 'm trying these pink curtains in my living room, wanted to try something besides white, not sure if i will keep them there's hard for me, i love white on all my   These pink curtains are Simply Shabby Chic , but i had to add extra length to them and change the color a bit.
maybe keep for the Holidays!! I do love PINK
i have several of these little peacock feathers in all different shades of color..
Beautiful New teacups, MY FAVORITE !! I purchased from   Janet has Beautiful items right now
okay there are 2 photos of my bathroom....i would never had posted them, because I DO NOT  LIKE MY   Its to New for me, but O well!!!  Until i'm able to remodel here they are.. when i get a chance i will put to pedestal sinks with mirrors... this bathroom is so bright hard to take photos too.  
the tent was moved to upstairs in between the to cots
Have a Beautiful day everyone, the weather is so Nice here right now, but its like 60

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My addiction to beds !!! There is something that attracts me to a simply bed

Every time around this year a put a little Sun Bed in my room under my window, adds extra seating.. the kids tend to hang at in my room a lot!!!  
really good wine!!
the green drapes are now a beautiful blue!!   beautiful fabric with millinery flowers on my prom dress

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My new finds today !!! I went to Mount Dora,Fl perfect place for Antiques .

Beautiful Blue Tray...LOVE LOVE this one, perfect color!!!   Also i bought 3 little teacups $4 dollars each. The tray $7  ...i was so happy so many things for Cheap
the fabric in the background are old drapes, $7 ..they are very very large..i just love the pattern  i may use around Christmas time for decorating or as a tree skirt. Also i bought the Florentine tray for $2...what a deal
cute little marriage blessing..
Beautiful vintage ornaments, i bought a bowl full for $5
I bought this set of 5 votive candles online ....They would make a perfect little Christmas gift..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sorry i take so many photos, you guys are probably sick of them by now ....but i have not been able to relax lately. Fall has arrived , and really it is not my favorite time of year..  I love Summer time and December are my favorite times of year. I think it is a Florida Thing.
This room is still a work in progress, i have to keep the sofa against the wall so my son does not fly out the windows...both kids run along the top of the sofa daily...drives me crazy!!   i love the look of the down blanket on the sofa...really cozy!!
there's my famous Fifi bag on the counter.
the old shabby chair fits in perfectly
i think books or magazines make the perfect decor in any room
my favorite flower holders, old candles jars and wine bottles, this one is my new favorite..lovely the color which i'm sure you can tell its been in a lot of   it's barefoot champagne bottle. 
the candles on the books are TubeRose cent, the best soy candles they come with there own pack of matches, really cute!!. You can purchase at Rachel Ashwell's store.   Take care everyone!

Monday, October 10, 2011

photos i took this morning , a beautiful linen ruffled blanket hangs over the rack
A pretty plate with rose petals
this is why i don't like to make the beds all the time, just more inviting to me and the kids love it!!
a little whimsy in the kids room...just some torn fabric and butterflies.