Friday, April 13, 2012

My New Mirror , Thanks to Valerie Falcon......

She told me about this mirror, i bought it for $99 , it is 7 feet tall, very large and lovely..i bought at Home Goods...Valerie told me about them...because i so badly wanted RA, but could not afford it, so my husband was HAPPY that i only spent $99 for it...  It even makes me look Skinny Now, because its so tall, i'm so used to old  Everyone should get
Now where to put the old Mirror, that may be a you can see the Dresser is now PINK
Shabby Chic Treasures from Micheal' cute and $1.50 each adorable
Bad addiction, bags, and jeans...but i love it 
My Wedding dress
making more Dream Catchers
Have a Great Weekend!!!