Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Dreaming of Summer"

Its been so cold here in Florida, high's today 55 maybe, this weather is not for a Florida girl, spent last night working on a painting, " dreaming of summer" is her name. 
Growing up i spent all of my time at the beach,  i grew up in a small town called Jupiter,Fl. My mom would drop me and my close friend off early in the morning and we would stay until night time fell. this was every weekend . I basically grew up on the beach, and thinking back i missed these days gone by. 
As a little girl i use to paint all the time one of my favorite classes. always A's in Art other classes not to many A's . But i would love to get better. whenever i have spare time i need to practice or take classes. 
i totally believe whatever i paint as long as it has pastel colors, should fit right into my home....... looking forward to the warmer weather this weekend high 80's YES!    Take Care Tausha xx