Monday, October 28, 2013

Filling my week with Buckets of pretties!! Happy Monday..

far left... dog 
it was really hard to get out of bed  on Sunday...wearing my favorite night gown..
He finally choose one..
No Corn stalks here... just tall grass maize..
Have a great week everyone..

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy Thursday....Almost Friday Yeah!! so look forward to my weekends!!

Made this Whimsy, bohemian hanging shade or just a pretty little hanging  Fabric and millinery flowers my favorite..still sticking with my fall and greens...Going to make another on just need to find the millinery flowers...  
Sadi has a new desk, and chair
Sadi's chair...and because she is 6 years old..i hput a little playing card there for her..
My lovely Seahorse and beaded garland..adorable
its very floppy
My 4 Leaf Clover BRCLT ...1st Leaf=Faith 2nd leaf=Hope 3rd Leaf=Love 4th Leaf=Luck!!!
Some Christmas decor.... almost that time..  See Ya soon, have a Great Weekend ...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Quote of the day ..

Bought this from farmnflea on Esty  This quote is typed on a 1939 German typewriter  she has several others to choose from , but this was the first one i fell in love with ..
You can purchase here 

Found this painting at a yard sale  $2 
Always blooming
my two small enamel vintage rings
Thought this was so cute  Hawaii  in Pastel i gave this book to a Friend, she was born in Hawaii..xo Amanda or as she likes to say  Made in Hawaii
Another yard sale find... Where's Rudolph? 
feeling plaids this fall 

Monday, October 21, 2013

My everything room, as i continue to add to this space.

As i move along with filling the shelves, i will keep on the children's  books down low for there reach. Pillows are piled up as i am cleaning..and washing..
Vintage lace in the window i found 2 of these for $1
one of my favorite handbags
always like to add my clothes to photos.. as u can tell my fall colors are Pink and Green too
Instagram Shot.  Be back soon...

Happy Monday!!! feeling really really good today!!

My new Rustic looking piece.. A beautiful very large book shelve that my Mr. Kyle  made for me ..
Going to fill her up with lots of kids books
My Fall color greens...greens and pinks.
Stand Tall !!!!
Monday Quote
off to fill her up with books....  i think i will name her Meadows.. i name my furniture...