Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy Thursday....Almost Friday Yeah!! so look forward to my weekends!!

Made this Whimsy, bohemian hanging shade or just a pretty little hanging  Fabric and millinery flowers my favorite..still sticking with my fall and greens...Going to make another on just need to find the millinery flowers...  
Sadi has a new desk, and chair
Sadi's chair...and because she is 6 years old..i hput a little playing card there for her..
My lovely Seahorse and beaded garland..adorable
its very floppy
My 4 Leaf Clover BRCLT ...1st Leaf=Faith 2nd leaf=Hope 3rd Leaf=Love 4th Leaf=Luck!!!
Some Christmas decor.... almost that time..  See Ya soon, have a Great Weekend ...