Sunday, February 20, 2011

To Heather at Chaotic Beauty Photography

i love fashion!   i don't think i have fashion ,  so thank you for that Heather. As far as jeans go i  will buy a good pair of jeans, so far if you like the vintage tear look, i bought 2 pairs from Abercrombie they were regular $98 dollars got on sale for $40 so that's not so bad for something i wear everyday.  i do have my fat jeans, and skinny jeans. i have had 4 kids, so i have been every   as far as tops i love going to forever 21 and Zara, Urban Outfitters or i will go to Marshall's and TJ maxx you can find awesome clothing there, if you have those stores where you live, i live in Florida. Forever 21 all lacy stuff. I love to layer my clothing. My favorite store to look at online Free People Clothing Online.. they had a very small line of there clothes in Macy's. I get all my ideas from them. they are really expensive. But they do have clearance !!!!! Yeah !!!  i love boots!! I have my favorite pair from the flea market $10 buck they already worn in and comfy they look like they are 25 years old. Also like Nine west boots . Mostly live in leather flip flops. The little dress i posted hanging on my mirror with the shoes, i bought for $15 at TJ maxx, i wear it with jeans or skirts , the layered look. Mostly live in jeans and pretty blouses, with lacy tops that is the most comfortably to me .  I'm a Florida girl, so its mostly hot all the time.  I will post some of my favorite clothes for you soon, my uploading is not working properly right now. But i Love this post, i get to talk about all the girly stuff with girls, and not my husband, or my 15 year old daughter who thinks i have no style at all.  I want to thank you Heather so much for that comment..........Love your Photos

my patio

I mixed the chairs up a little

Just a few more different photos of the living room corner

It's funny I have three white sofas, and this is what i end up using for this corner of the living, it just feels more cozy to me!