Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Friday !!

the bar code for the pillows...4 90602407275  Here are two close up pictures of the pillows in the photos yesterday. They are From Simply Shabby Chic. I found them and grabbed them like a crazy person, since then i have not yet to find them at any other Target. They are so soft, and them..
this white neck roll pillow was also there, it is Simply Shabby Chic also . i hope everyone has a great weekend!!!  have fun and enjoy every moment !!

p.s   I'm sorry I am not a writer ,and i misspell  a lot, and i do not have time to prof read all my postings, i have 2 babies hanging on me all the time, its a little hard......I just wanted to get that out there...and i do not make sense some times, hopefully you guys get me through my photos!!!!  LOL