Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year to All........2014

New year . New Wall 
Me and my Husband spent the first day of 2014...building a wall... Inspired by Going to the The Prairie in Texas .. I put up this wall using planks, then staining it, and putting a little paint...beautiful it 
its raining here and dark, not good for taking great photos., but will be sharing more soon.. Now in this photo i starting tearing the wall paper down to do the wall in wood. as well, but when we finished the wood wall, i fell the Love with how the wall paper wall looked next to the wood wall... Maybe keep it, maybe put up the wood? Who knows, knowing me always changing my mind anyways... so for now, i'll keep like is..
i just love this wall now!!! Also will be adding a shelve right under the wood planks, left a little gap to insert right under... for soaps and nic knacks..  Hope you all had a very lovely New Years!!!  See ya soon... on a more Sunny Day!! XX