Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sorry i take so many photos, you guys are probably sick of them by now ....but i have not been able to relax lately. Fall has arrived , and really it is not my favorite time of year..  I love Summer time and December are my favorite times of year. I think it is a Florida Thing.
This room is still a work in progress, i have to keep the sofa against the wall so my son does not fly out the windows...both kids run along the top of the sofa daily...drives me crazy!!   i love the look of the down blanket on the sofa...really cozy!!
there's my famous Fifi bag on the counter.
the old shabby chair fits in perfectly
i think books or magazines make the perfect decor in any room
my favorite flower holders, old candles jars and wine bottles, this one is my new favorite..lovely the color which i'm sure you can tell its been in a lot of photos..lol   it's barefoot champagne bottle. 
the candles on the books are TubeRose cent, the best soy candles they come with there own pack of matches, really cute!!. You can purchase at Rachel Ashwell's store.   Take care everyone!