Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wishing You A Happy New Year!!!

People like you ...
A brand new year!
A clean slate on which to write
our hopes and dreams.
This year:
Less time and energy on things;
More time and energy on people.
All of life’s best rewards,
deepest and finest feelings,
greatest satisfactions,
come from people--
people like you.
Happy New Year!
By Joanna Fuchs

I just want each and everyone of you to know how much i appreciate you following me and inspiring me !  I am so looking forward to a Brand New year and New Beginnings  i can hardly wait for 2014  i have been cleaning like crazy something i do every year around this time. I also added my Instagram Button back on my blog, Hope to see you'all there..with the times and technology just having a phone in my hands i am always taking photos... hard to resist..
My gift to myself i bought lots more peonies..
Beautiful gift from my daughter...
I found this hand painted vase, adore it..
i was very surprised and happy to find this beaded  candle holder at Marshall's ...
Just adore the Rachel Ashwell Somerset Bedding.... My Favorite ...
See ya all Next Year!!!!! Cheers!!!XX