Sunday, August 26, 2012

Its Sunday

Its Sunday......
Sadi is getting her own room...Destinee is moving up stairs to the loft,and Sadi is getting her room, have been working all weekend moving stuff around...
Her Tent
Work in progress, but it little nicer with her having a little more room, may get her Bunk Beds ....just love the idea of bunk beds..
She comes home everyday with art work that she has made in pre school... I LOVE IT!!
Destinee has been making me some pillows over the week, She has taken sewing classes for 3 years now, SHES GOOD!!!
She made me a union Jack pillow!!! 
And here are two Pink and White Striped pillows, Feeling pink and whites lately
More fabrics for making more!!!!!!!!!!!
I Framed it!!!! Added ribbon and feather to it... 
Have a Great Sunday !!!