Shabby Chic Tent for Sadi

You will need to buy 7 pieces of wood,  all 4 feet long ...1 1/2 inches wide by a little over 1/2 inch . Then you will need rope and glue, gorilla glue , and little screws.  Take the first 2 pieces make a criss cross, then tie rope around, put the glue, then hold until glue is very dry. the do this to the back 2 pieces next, then i did the bottom, and then the top piece.  you will need  help somebody to hold and support the tent .. After all pieces are together and the glue is dry, i put a piece of canvas you can buy in painting department at home depot. Its like a drop cloth. and then i hot glued the fabric onto the wood, then you can use any fabric for the top layer, i put a sheet first made bows, then put the pretty Simply Shabby Chic fabric over the top , so i can take of and wash.