Thursday, May 3, 2012

Searching for Inspiration!!!

Searching for Inspiration ......Always go back to the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Books...

Beautiful New Prairie Thank you Cards.... you can purchase at Cocodot 
updated my mood Board a little
as you walk into my home, this is the first room to your left..i'm calling it my Prairie Room, totally inspired my Rachel Ashwell's..The Prairie...i put my chippy coffee table in this room...for more smoky look..
this is where i have been working on my DreamCathcers..
my husband was a sweetie and brought me home these Lavender Roses Last Night...does he know me or what!!
Pocket Doors ...right into the Kitchen
My New Chair Covers...Rachel Ashwell's Somerset...LOVE MY FAVORITE FABRIC!!  i only bought one,now i may have to buy one more I want the Anastasia Fabric Now!!! Next on my list 
Love this Mirror
so i moved my all white coffee table to the Living room..
Close this fabric
Sorry the Chair was in almost every Picture.............Could not help myself!!! I am a LOONEY!!
The Dream Catchers....Not sure just yet if i will sell them...i will let everyone know if i do