Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my very simple kitchen...everybody who comes to my house ask...maybe you should put some bright colors on the shelves...uhhh no i like it I mix new with old,love vintage floral plates.

about 2 years ago i took out the cabinets and had shelves put in ,my husband wanted to kill me .
the one thing i do not like about this picture is the stove, i wish it were all stainless,the black bugs me so much...waiting for it to break so i can get a new
this little beautiful bag is from Flora Doora,made for flowers i purchase on Esty Here is her blog if you would like to see her beautiful bags
my sink is large enough to hold a large bucket, had to have that.
After it was all done, he loves it!!  The flowers are for my 5 year Anniversary this Friday, We have been together for 10 years all together... I just love flowers in a bucket!!!