Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Hi Everyone!!!

My beautiful new Angle Wings from
thank you Susan so much, they are beautiful .... 
I bought this Antique heart from Tracie at
thank you so much Tracie, LOVE THEM
Angle wings and hearts!!
working on little projects...with millinery flowers...love them
My 16 year old..Destinee's room  my Bohemian Child!!!   
Here are a few of my Latest Dream Catchers..
This is my Home... I bought it 7 years ago, and it was this color........soon it will be WHITE!!!! 
Lots of greens, so i will be planting lots of flowers everywhere!!!! roses mostly

Have a Happy Fourth of July!!!!  My birthday coming up July 13th, Friday this year.............37 yeah!!! LOL