Monday, November 19, 2012

Hi Everyone...Thanksgiving is almost here and so looking forward to it ....

This is really bad, i found her eating my rose prints,  OMG!!!   well i figure it adds a little more to the print now..
She also loves roses as much as i do, expect she wants to eat them...
Beautiful hat boxes
Love these boxes of matches
adding some wallpaper to one wall in my work room, and adding some beautiful blue rose wall paper to one wall in Sadi's room as well...   In this Photo just pinned it up to make sure i like before i paste... I believe it adds a lot to the room without a over whelming feeling, just by doing one wall with a simply rose trail pattern.. when i am finished i will show more  photos..
My Beautiful new niece  Brookyn Sage
The Sweater is by Lily Ashwell,   This is the one  piece of the collection that was a must have for me,   It is the most beautiful , vintage looking sweater.... the colors are perfect !!! 
love my knitted socks..
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!