Saturday, August 31, 2013

My home today....

My favorite find ever..... Goose feather roses.... Love  2 dozen for $12  so precious..
vintage finds... picket book...old...powder box.. and some apple buckets..
A craft me and Sadi made.. little whimsical  
party decorations..
New bed..before
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Newly Restored..

I was just about to get rid of this piece , it was painted white and have had for several years... I thought to strip it down, and WHOLA!!! after stripping, several layers of paint, this was the end product.... now one of my Favorite pieces...I remember always painting furniture white, now I am stripping the white... adds so much character ...
Not exactly sure where i will put it yet, but i am sure she will be moved all about... until i find the perfect place.. kinda like it here, but may go in the barn..
My little Bathroom..very simple...
My beach at home...
Summer Whites... Me and my sweater Love...
Me and My SUMMER BOW!!!! 5th Baby never can get a good shot... Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!