Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hi There everyone!!!

Feeling more like Spring here in my home.... Look at these flowers, and colors awwww, just so cute and them  ...  So i took a lot of photos of them Sorry...  
New Beach Cruiser for me and Baby Gabe, ever morning 1 hour bike ride, he Loves it in the hunt for a old basket with flowers for her, and i need a trip to the Beach!!! 
The Brown boxes were on purpose, she loves to open packages that come in the mail, she helps me every time, and sometimes she gets a little something in the mail....Sadi turned 5 years old !!!! 
pulled out the bootcuts ladies.... love love them, had these for 6 years now  and wearing again.... i kinda missed wearing bootcut jeans..everything comes back in style anyways...  SEE YA!!!!