Friday, April 4, 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Almost Friday....enjoying my peaceful place.

i have been so busy lately , i need a trip to the beach..
Made these pillows with the cutest fabric... 
enjoy your weekend everyone...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

lots of sunny days here in Florida ...Love this weather, and love living in Florida ..Spent the weekend poolside, heaven..

Started my spring cleaning , piled up the pillows and started washing everything..
this is exactly why i love my shelves.. come in use for everything  i love having space...
New Simply Shabby Chic Bedding, for Destinee. Really super cute.. perfect pink and blues..
Gabriel enjoying his days, lately..
Cute baskets from Target... Really cute line now, love everything.

Have a wonderful week everyone...

Monday, February 24, 2014

Hello...... its been a little while..

So in LOVE with my new rug, perfect touches of Lavender .....
Beautiful new rug, touches of Lavender ..Hand-knotted Jules Ushak Rug. 
cute little rug from the kids room.. 
little hamper..
Lovely vintage Turkish pillow covers, thought they went well with my sofa
New lovely candle holders, from  Shabby Chic Couture Store, Adore they are vintage replicas, the white ceramic flower, is a candle holder as well, also from Shabby Chic Couture Store.. perfect for larger candles..
Votive cross holder from one of my Best Friends, Tracie over at  thank you so much , such a precious gift...
vintage beaded candle holders.
etched vintage light fixture.
vintage crystal fixture.
Lovely votive candle, smells amazing.
Little and big Gabriel..  of course needed to frame Gabriel at  The Prairie , my little Shabby 
Gift from my husband.. lovely etched photo frames.. 
Valentines Roses... 
Handmade Valentine card, made with love
New vintage pink paper mache bucket from Shabby Chic Couture store... its a beauty... 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Dreaming of Summer"

Its been so cold here in Florida, high's today 55 maybe, this weather is not for a Florida girl, spent last night working on a painting, " dreaming of summer" is her name. 
Growing up i spent all of my time at the beach,  i grew up in a small town called Jupiter,Fl. My mom would drop me and my close friend off early in the morning and we would stay until night time fell. this was every weekend . I basically grew up on the beach, and thinking back i missed these days gone by. 
As a little girl i use to paint all the time one of my favorite classes. always A's in Art other classes not to many A's . But i would love to get better. whenever i have spare time i need to practice or take classes. 
i totally believe whatever i paint as long as it has pastel colors, should fit right into my home....... looking forward to the warmer weather this weekend high 80's YES!    Take Care Tausha xx

Monday, January 20, 2014

Treasure Hunt.

Flea Market finds.. I had the chance to go to one of my favorite flea markets last Friday, Renningers in Mount Dora,Fl Full of Treasures.....

Blue chippy perfect farm table was the first thing i purchased from a very sweet man... 
Pink floral vintage wallpaper....uhmmm yummy 
also found this beautiful rug with pink and blues..
One of my Favorites, Pink Chippy Clover..... so love this !!  i have been searching for a piece like this for ever, its pink and perfect. and love a little good luck!!