Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Ordered it !! The Petticoat Bedding in PINK!!!!

I did it!!!  Its coming to my house.... I order the bedding finally, i wanted this in Pink since i have seen it.
The Anastasia Chair Cover from Rachel Ashwells store....Love this Fabric so much !!! 
may have to get one in each color..lol
A New Vintage prom dress.... nothing but Ruffles.....and beautiful baby blue color... $29 bucks on ebay.!!!
new Vintage finds from the Flea Market... I got to go with Rachel Pallas!!!
Thank you Rachel Pallas for my Wonderful gifts
I cannot wait to see my new bedding on my bed!!!!!!
Thank you Regina, this is a Beautiful Thank You Card!!!  Have a Great week everyone!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hi Everyone...Busy , busy making Dream Catchers...

i want to thank everyone who has bought my shabby chic Dream Catchers..... i appreciate it so much!!! this room has been turn into my work space.. and i just love the mood boards....i put all my little fabrics and inspiration photos on them!!
trying the star in the room, always moving stuff around..... 
I received this ribbon in the mail today... a Surprise!!!  form Stephanie Bradley , and a little gift to Sadi too... love the color!!  thank you so much .. Made my Friday!! 
A Gift from Rhoada Smith...she Made this for me...adorable!! along with a lot of other homemade items... Thank you so much ....
it made sense to use the table for the Tv  for now, i am also using this table for my projects..
My Roses...Love 
Enjoy your weekend!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello everyone!!

I had a Great Mothers Day!! Peonies and Roses, pink and lavender from Target!!! can you tell by the red cart...lol
Big Thank you  to Sherry Hicks..... She Made this Union Jack throw... BEAUTIFUL !!
My New Finds.... Pink Mother tea cup, a gift to me....from me..lol
Beautiful little dishes and sugar terrain ..LOVE and a huge rose flower hook !!
Lovin my Umbrella...adorable.. the color so Beautiful !! Light Lavender..
New white Bench...
New Fabrics ladies....Great Place Fabric.com...Rachel Ashwell's Treasures..
Toby needed a nap from making Dream Catchers too..lol
Me and Victoria..................Love her !! 

My oldest Son Devinn, 17 and his Girlfriend  Victoria, and Her Mother on Mothers day in South Florida.. Had a Great Day!!