Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So my daughter is 15 years old and has took sewing class for 2 years now, i bought a sewing machine, and she has taught me how to make pillows. I made 5 so far using the Simply Shabby Chic Duvet Fabric. I made 4 in blue and one white ...They are euro pillows which i cannot get enough of pillows. I also made a throw with the fabric, or wanna be tablecloth..since i cannot afford the Rachel Ashwell  I had to try. Nothing is perfect still have some learning to do, but works for me
in this picture i have to say since i seen Rachel Ashwell's  post this Rosary on her blog, i had to take this Photo!! She really is my Inspiration
i took a close up of this book, if you love fabric u may want to pick this book up at Ikea, its really beautiful Great Ideas!
My Toby. Also i have been dying some old fabrics i have, a beautiful Demin Blue,  Love the blue and pink together. If you were wondering my old farm table is now on the patio.
This is a close up of my daughters Dreamcatcher, that i made.  My inspiration came from Rachel Ashwell, she now has on her website for sale .  I bought the one in my bedroom for $110 Dollars and i love it!! So i made one for my little girl and boy, I looked on tube  How to make one, you can follow instructions, very easy, just tear the fabric you want to use. I bought mine from the manufacturer. Now Rachel Ashwell is selling them on her online store.   I will be very busy for the next couple of weeks preparing for Fifi, shes coming to shoot my home!!! how exciting ....  Have a great day !!!