Friday, October 7, 2011

I got Rachel's New Book I'm in heaven...BEST BOOK EVER!!!

I was so happy to see that she had a picture of the Misty Rose comforter  in her book!!! My Favorite .. her Beach house, just love.. This is why i just love her style so much.... Beds on the floor and everything! Love it
i wish i could have these flowers all the time, everyday
my kitchen is very simple, love it that way. very functional as well. I do not like a lot on my shelves just what i use all the time... or room for more
view from my living room
i still have the black stove...this stove will not break for i want a all stainless one so bad!!
me moving things around again...but messy pretty !!!
The boots on the floor were traded for the bag in the photo and Fifi traded. I just fell in love with that bag, its 20 years old and looks like it...awesome bag!!! and she loved my boots!!! so i have a famous bag
And the Beautiful Fifi at work..  Have a great day everyone!!