Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving..... I'm back from Vacation... I went to "The Prairie" by Rachel Ashwell.. in Texas

I want to Thank Rachel  Ashwell for a gift that will last a life time....I was grateful to her for offering me a stay at the Prairie....Something that i have been looking forward to  since it opened.. I have been Super Excited for November to come .... It was my best Vacation so far.. some what magical for me... I really loved that we were able to stay at the Meadow Manor... Best for me and my little our family perfect!!  
Since it was November, not so busy had the place to ourselves ... So Charming... I fell in Love with Texas , and Maria and Deb were truly Awesome... Breakfast was Superb!! Thank You !!

Sadi picked this as her room..... We Shared
The Rug....No words..

The bedding so was super soft, cozy ... pure comfort .. Normally on our vacations Sadi and I are the first ones wanting to leave and go home...Not this time...She wanted to stay and move to Texas... So Did I...

Some beautiful new treasures, that i will treasure forever.. Tshirt, Jacket and hat, adorable, love
I also bought New Bedding, My favorite!!!!! some pillows and lots of other little things.. I could Not believe i actually got to shop in a Rachel Ashwell store...YEAH!! i was in heaven.. truly 

My Favorite Place ...Favorite photo...INSPIRATION !! i love love this so much !!!! everything love love.... Thanks so much Rachel Ashwell!!! I'm so thankful for such a special gift.   I will share more photos soon, i'm  so busy cooking and cleaning and pre pairing for Thanksgiving tomorrow.... and so sorry the photos are not so clear i took mostly with my phone because i truly was enjoying my stay ...even though the weather was insanely cold  for a Florida Girl....I will be returning one day, maybe summer time or Spring, but i think Summer.... Who knew Texas got so cold!!!

Feeling a little Vintage Christmas coming....  Happy Thanksgiving everyone....xx