Sunday, February 27, 2011

My oldest daughters room A work in progress

 This is the begging stages, i had to find the bedding first, now comes everything else, first paint the walls. She wanted purple first, now just white, simply..I don't like alot of furniture in a bedroom, i think the bed should say it all.. I will have more pics as soon as i'm done....


Me said...

I love it! I'm curious to see what your little boy's room looks like. We are re-decorating my son's room now. It's hard to remind myself not to make it look TOO GIRLY! :) Anyways, I got your sweet comment-thank you! A playdates always sound fun...Jason gets along great w/ other kids (and pets). I promise I won't steal anything from your pretty house haha! And you'll have to let me know where you're getting all this stuff! I haven't found too many places in central FL... :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to see more pics of your daughter's room.

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

It looks great! I am getting ready to re-do my oldest daughters room as well. We bought a new antique bed that has made me decide it all needs re-done!
Beautiful inspiration on your blog as usual!

blossoms vintage chic said...

Absolutely beautiful...I agree the bed should say it all's so hard to keep all those flea market treasures from finding their way in!!
Love~luv~Love mirrors, they create such wonderful light!
Can't get enough of your lovely blog and can't wait to see the finished product.

Studio Shambora said...

Just discovered your blog and it is beautiful! I love your style so much and can't wait to see your little girls bedroom when it is finished!

Allison said...

Beautiful bedding! Love the soft pink pillows. Where did you find those? Your daughter's room gets so much wonderful natural light. It's a nice fresh and airy room!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful --- i love the fact that you still have a little control over the bedroom. For me in my own daughters room this was a distant memory. One day I will have the rooms just as I like them but it might be a little bit far off.
Influence where you can....i must say my kids LOVE my room and I often find them in it. x

Simply Me said...

Yeah , well i would like to think i have control, but really she has the 3 other sides, she has posters hanging anything else you can imagine that a teenager would have. But she did say she wanted white walls, and pink bedding. O and the city of New York in wallpaper on one of her walls !!! Help!!!

Rozmeen said...

Hi sweet friend,

how are you?

Love your pictures and the blue dress on your previeus post. GORGEOUS!


Heather Mattern said...

Her bed looks so lovely, very cozy!

CIELO said...

Can you tell me where to get beddings as lovely as that on your photographs??? My email:



Rose Garden Romantic said...

So pretty! I love the ruffled pillows!