Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hi everyone!! First i would like to tell everyone that my tv is not white, i had a really good freind of mine Kyle build a white frame for it, so surprise!! i looked everywhere for a white tv, i did find them but they were thousands of dollars..uh no i was not going to spend that much money for a tv, maybe something but not a tv.

Since blogging i have meet so many nice people... a very sweet and kind lady name Karen  she invited me to her shop in central Florida Art Angles mall and market it was so beautiful, plenty of antiques and you can even buy Flowers there...i was in heaven!!!  
Beautiful old Ralph Lauren sheet set..this is why i love having beds in my living room,  i love buying sheets, i use them for all sorts of things, like tablecloths and so ,and pillows used every where, i use everything i have and i pretty much use everything i have everywhere as you can tell. There is nothing i  purchase that is just for show.
in this picture my ripped up old jean shorts, i just thought would make a cute photo, and check out the Round rose blue pillow, i also bought from there shop
also bought this large euro square pillow sham, just Lovely ! I have more i will show photos later
So many people have ask me about this bedding, it is Simply Shabby Chic...they have in white or light gray soft jersey !!  I have only seen at one Target so far, i have not seen online yet...i thought would be so cute for his room. I bought it at a Target, not super Target maybe that's why  I don't know...    Hope everyone has a great Day !!!   Thank you so much Karen  Sue Bee!!!  I will be back...and Florida girls go check them out!!


Anonymous said...

You have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL linen collection! It just so cozy in your home with all the blankets, sheets and pillows....I love that you really use them all.

I totally thought your tv was white! Good job hiding it! :)

Beautiful photos, as always...I love getting peeks into your lovely home ~
sarah xo

blossoms vintage chic said...

Good morning Tausha, thank you, it is so kind of you to share all the information but my Targets never have anything yours does...LOL!
I continue to run to Target everytime you show us someething wonderful!! Love all of your treasures...Simply Beautiful!!
Wishing you a lovely week!

Victoria said...

Our Target is not a super Target but they have a pretty decent collection of the RA Simply Shabby things.

I notice you don't hang a lot of pics, shelves or knick knacks...I have a big knick knack addiction and I wish I didn't!

DustyLu said...

Hi it me! I have tried to email you back and it keeps bouncing back. Can you email me again. I think it getting spammed. Hugs lulu

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

oh wow!! I was showing my husband the pic of your tv last night and telling him I wanted a white tv like yours!!! LOL..Your friend did a great job!! Hugs, Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

I love that you use bed linens in
the living room...I do that also.
Having a bed in there is an absolutely perfect idea! You have
also solved a decorating idea for
me...I have an old mantel, I did
not know what to do with
I will paint it white and put behind my sofa! Thanks so much
I love your is my dream.

Flora Doora

Anonymous said...

Your husband just must love you to death to let you put a white frame around your picked a good one for sure. Your bedding is lovely as usual.

Alaina said...

Funny about the TV, I was wondering if you bought it that way or painted the outside. I love your sheets, I have that set too, in both blue and yellow, I also have the coordinating large flower set in both blue and yellow. I use my sheets for lots of different reasons.

Karen said...

I love coming here, its always so beautiful. I really want that white simply shabby chic bedding. I think I may have to get that, how ever I have a brand new set that I haven't used yet, but who says you shouldn't have more than one set. LOL Trying to convince myself to spend more money...can you tell lol.

Anonymous said...

I love that wrinkly white pillow!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!!


Vintage Market Place said...

yes I adore the RL collection of linens.
Oh but that blue pillow is so cool
what a great find.
I would so be stopping in there if I lived near by.
Thanks for always sharing such great photos and ideas with us.

Annie Louise said...

Oh my goodness how I love your blog!!! Love reading your updates.
Have a great day,

Unknown said...

I just found your blog not long ago and have been having the BEST time cruising your archives and enjoying your posts! I just love your style and it's like opening a present everytime that you post something new.

maría cecilia said...

So beautiful Tausha!!!!
Went to check the link for Target but sadly they don´t ship outside the U.S so I have a friend who lives in California and will ask her to do the favor for me. Thank you so, so much for your help.
Since I met you I´m absolutely in love with all your blog!!!!
If you live near me I would gift you with many roses from my garden, specially from november on when spring arrives here and then would love to see how you will arrange them!!
hugs my dear
p.s. excuse my english, again

Sherry Hicks said...

Love the cutoffs in the floor on the beautiful new pillow, makes a really cool picture! Sounds like you had alot of fun shopping!
Have a wonderful rest of your week.

24 Homes said...

Very cute bedding!! Love the whites and the soft colors! Just beautiful :) Greetings from the Netherlands, Claire


Raffaella said...

Coming here is like entering in a dream...

time worn interiors said...

I actually have 2 white, flat screen TV's! Got them at Sam's and I love them! I also love the frame around your TV, looks great!

Sweet Young Journey said...

I love the little round blue pillow! Your beds looks so pretty!


Anonymous said...

You did spy that wonderful burlap pillow on my floor didn't you! :)
How in the world did he "frame" out a T.V? lol

I love your bedding!!! and hon I'm going to GET those bed in our living room too! Wonderful Inspiration!
p.s. should really considering offering your linens online!!! Whether you purchase them at Target or your finds at shops...
We have NO Target nearby and their online stores doesnt offer them!!!

Allison said...

Gorgeous! I love the new sheets and shams. How fun your got to visit her shop. Always a delightful visit stopping by your blog, Tausha.

Unknown said...

Wow Tausha! You have such an amazing talent. Inspiration to me.
Thank you for coming to our little open house, you really made my day.
Please let me know if you come again and maybe we could do lunch too...hugs to you!

Cindi said...

How nice! It is so much fun corresponding to you on your blog! It is like we are all a bunch of kindred spirits getting cool ideas and inspiration from each other! So much fun! It is nice having shabby chic friends! Raffaella said it all! Your pictures are like entering a dream! BEAUTIFUL!!!
Cinsi S.

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I drool over your photos every time! They are just so fun to look at! I love to buy my bedding at Target, the Shabby Chic line of course! I always recognize the bedding you have displayed, so pretty! You have done an awesome job making your home so cozy, thank you for sharing it with us!


All That Jazz said...

I remember seeing those RL sheets at Ross and Marshalls around 5 years ago....always loved them!!
There is that darn bedding I adore...can't find it at Target or online! Weird. I bought the other one and haven't opened it yet....maybe the other will pop up in stores and I'll do a switcheroo before I move. I still love the other too though!
Have a happy week Tausha!

All That Jazz said...

I remember seeing those RL sheets at Ross and Marshalls around 5 years ago....always loved them!!
There is that darn bedding I adore...can't find it at Target or online! Weird. I bought the other one and haven't opened it yet....maybe the other will pop up in stores and I'll do a switcheroo before I move. I still love the other too though!
Have a happy week Tausha!

NanaDiana said...

Beautiful, beautiful bedding. I love Target's Shabby Chic section! Your home feels just like that- A HOME! I love it- xxoo Diana

Anonymous said...

Your pictures and your home are absolutely gorgeous. You are very talanted.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Sure was fun, I left you a long comment yesterday on a really old post of yours, I don't know if you got it? I spent a long time reading your whole blog. I'm following you and it was so fun meeting you at Art Angels, what a fun store!


Patricia said...

Tausha would your friend be able to do a guest post on how to do a white frame around a tv, or send me the information? I have been trying to come up with a solution for months.
By the way, I completely understand a bedding, fabric pillow obsession. Nice to see I'm not the only one.

Liane said...

Ohhhh.... what beautiful inspirations, and your tv ist great!!! i have my tv in an old french cupboard :-)
i look on target-online-store, but ruffled linen is out ...:-(
you give me soooooo much inspiration, and now i always looking for tulle-vintage-dresses, but i do not found it in internet...
i love your home sooooo much. have you some photos of your bathroom, please, please ???
again thanks for the great inspirations, every day i'm looking on your blog!
greetings from vienna

Cindi said...

Hi Tausha! I went to see Karen Sue Bees blog! So WONDERFUL! I bet Florida is so nice! Up here in Michigan not as many flowers because of the cold winters. I just love seeing your gorgeous pics of your home! Cindi S.

Christy@Art Angels said...

Tausha, I just love your photos and the Ralph Lauren striped sheets and large white Euro sham look adorable. So clean. So cozy. So glad they went to a good home! I'm happy you found my little linen shop in Art Angels. Looking forward to following your blog!

Unknown said...

Your bed linens are always so gorgeous! Love the look you've created here.


MIMI said...


Laura said...

I absolutely love all of the bed linen that you use, the Ralph Lauren is especially exquisite.

Not a white TV? You amaze me, it looks like the real thing. over here do white TV's all sizes and very, very reasonable prices too. Yours however is 'the business' (just right).

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in finding this under tv piece if furniture..any tips where to look?