Friday, November 16, 2012

Some Vintage TREASURES...

I just fell in love with the piece as soon as i saw it... $30 Very Feminine piece 
New Body Pillow Cover, beautiful pattern
Millinery flowers and hats my FAVORITES  to look for!!!
Little house blessing for just a few dollars, very very cute..
Vintage ornaments 
Pink Santa
Large comfy Bean bags for the kids, one Lavender and one blue... J C  Penny's online... Kids love them
One of my favorite finds, this vintage dress for Sadi....  LOVE LOVE IT !!!
love this photo and dress  so so much !!!
Very comfy place .... even animals love the pillows as much as i do...  this is where she gets the name Pillow from..
Hope  you have enjoy my photos,  Thanks for Following me !!!!


patchworkandlace said...

Your photos are gorgeous and dreamy and i love your home xxxx

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Beautiful finds Tausha~ Im guessing you are going to love what Ive found for you for Christmas! ;) Package coming soon... xoxoxo Rachel

Victoria said...

Sadi is so precious! I love your vintage ornaments and can't wait to see how you decorate your tree this year:)

Anonymous said...

Love the wallpaper!! Could you please tell me where you got it from?

Anonymous said...

Tausha, you are my dream client! Loved your home in the latest Romantic Country! Can't wait to see your holiday decor.

Hello Girlie on FB

Heaven's Walk said...

Your Mount Dora treasures are always so perfect in your home, Tausha. The antique cross stitch saying is just beautiful. :) I loved those photos of sweet Sadi with her grown-up boho hair and darling vintage dress. What a doll!

Hope you have a happy weekend, sweetie!

xoxo laurie

Anonymous said...

love the wallpaper!!! Can you please tell me where you found it? Thanks

Deborah said...

Beautiful images Tausha! I love the photos of your daughter...what a gorgeous shot and her dress so feminine...just like her Momma.
Those bunnies are adorable!
You've got more treasures..very nice!
The bean bags are great for the cute!

Deborah xo

pballard said...

Love it all. Thanks for sharing... I am inspired by you!

Heirloom treasures said...

OOOh,lovely finds. I so love your photo's. :)

Unknown said...

Dear Tausha,
Sadi look sooo sweet. Love your new treasures, your wallpaper is amazing!
Have a nice day and thanks for sharing your perfect home.
xoxo Vlaďka

Shabby chic Sandy said...

You found so many awesome things--that dress for Sadie is precious. Love the picture of the bunny sleeping by the dog :)

The Blue Farmhouse said...

I love the framed "house blessings".

Michele said...

Hi Tausha~ Your photos are so beautiful. Have a blessed weekend.

Pearl 13.1

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Always very majestic treasures you find.Darling dress for miss Sadie~Cheers Kim

Cindy said...

You find the best stuff! I'd love to shop with you! The little bunny looks so completely adorable under the table with the dog. I just love that... and love your epic ruffly dress too!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are so soothing! And I've never wanted a bunny so he/she house trained? Do you edit hour pictures? Love love yourblog!