Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Thursday to all..

so call me crazy i change the trees around.... i move trees like i move furniture...  but now i feel i have more space with a smaller tree... here are a few photos... going to take more with camera when all said and finished... i'm sharing step by steps to my decorating, this year..
Have a great day !! xo


kerrie of sea cottage said...

It is all so pretty to look at. Thank you for sharing it with us. xxo

pballard said...


Michaela Staňková said...

Hi Tausha,
I love changes!!!I also home transmit, move or change things and furniture-I love it,everything is always new and beautiful!!!Looking forward to your other photos and I wish you a nice day ♥ xo

Msmoozys Open House said...

Thanks for sharing your changes, I know I never stop as well and the next pic I take something is different. LOL Drives hubby crazy, but I LOVE IT. :-)

Junkchiccottage said...

I love your pink little tree. Tooooooo cute. I just found your blog and loving it.