Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hi Everyone !!!

i have been so so busy school starting in less thank a week.... getting the kids ready and my baby Sadi will be starting Pre School..... Have to say i am a nervous wreck!!!  I have had her to my self for almost 5 years now, She is growing her wings now!! 
Beautiful new Aqua sea shell candle cute adorable just love it..


A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Happy to see the link to your blog post on my FB page! It's always nice to a post from you! ;) My little one started pre-K this week too! And then of course, I have my high school student! ;) Lovely pics, my friend!


Cindy said...

What a sweet photo of your little daughter before she moves out into the big world of preschool. I'm sure it's all very exciting and unnerving for you. Your aqua candle holder is amazing... Perfect color!
Every time i look at my painting of the lady with pink hair i think of you now... So funny how your energy attached to that painting! I will hang it at the shop for a while, and if she doesn't sell, she must be yours!


WhiteWhispers2u said...

Oh I so remember when my lil girls had to start school, it was so hard.
You worry if their needs will be taken care of and if they will be safe.Ugh! ~Kim xox

pballard said...

Your daughter is adorable. Cant believe school is right around the corner. Enjoy the rest of the week.

Unknown said...

Hi dear Tausha!
Thank you for your nice stop for me on the blog and for the wonderful comment!!! You're good, much appreciate it!!
This know - my son is now in third grade , how time flies ! It is for children to see it ! I wish you many beautiful pre- pleasure, let your beloved little girl is doing!!!!!! Vicky

Unknown said...

Dear Tausha,
thanks for your sweet comment at my blog!!!! Sadi is beautifull small princess...We wish her ​​lots of great friends :)
I´m still fallen in love your home!! ♥♥♥
xoxo Vlaďka

Silvia Shabby Chic Joy said...

Hi Tausha!! Your daughter is beautiful, a little princess, a just remember when my little ones went to school for the first day... I was so excited and nervous!!! <3<3
They're great moments! enjoy !!!
many many hugs
Silvia da Roma
p.s. I've just opened my little shabby blog, would you come to see it I'd be honoured!!! kisses silvia

Victoria said...

So beautiful Tasha, I love your shell candle holder! I think Sadi is a natural model, she's so photogenic!!!
I hope she enjoys pre-school.

Bente said...

She is such a cute girl.
Love your photos. Beautiful as always.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tausha I know the feeling of being nervous for your kids first day of school... I bet Sadi is excited!!! I would love to be a kid to come home from school to your home!!! What a treat that would be!!! I love how Sadi looks like she is FULL of personality!!! So Cuuuuuute!!! Good Luck this school year to you!!! Cindi Shooltz

Heaven's Walk said...

Is Sadi excited to start school, Tausha? I can see her being a little social butterfly! :)

xoxo laurie

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Your little girl is so adorable--I miss those days! She will probably love preschool and you will have some free time:) It is hard to let them go at that age I know:)

Sandra El-Hmoudová said...

Ahhh, the sea shell holder is adorable, love it!