Monday, April 9, 2012

Hi Everyone!!!

i bought it !!! once i seen this i fell in bad thing its not worth $200...i was going to return it, but i put it over the leather sofa and fell in love with it here
my new table, my friend kyle made for him he is the best!! if you go to Rachel Ashwell site she sells this for $1100 he made it for $200 for me.. i made it a little shorter for my space
i love it in my Kitchen, use it for everything 
dying lampshades and fabrics..
my Easter table
A friend from blogland made this for me, how sweet
Sadi and Gabe on Easter
My new hair, went dark for the Ombre Look
Luv Bum and Loopsy...........had a very Happy Easter !! well feed


Vintage Market Place said...

WOW, it looks amazing but whoa, $200??
Love your table and space, always so elegant.

Simply Me said...

Thanks so much !!! Its not worth the money !!

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Yay you posted!! ;) LOVE all the photos seeing the little shell vase in your pics happy you are still loving it my friend. Did you make the little purple dream catcher on your inspiration board? So pretty!! xoxoxo

Seawashed said...

I just love your leather sofa...I want it! I think you could make that banner Tashia...I was in Target this morning and saw the new lavender quilt, sheets, and comforter set and thought of you. I love all of her stuff but just cannot have it all over my house because its too girlie for my men. So I come here and dream. ox

Unknown said...

Tausha what a surprice, your new hair are great ! :) Sadi and Gabe look soo beautiful, very funny.
I love your purple cloths and easter table...WOW your new table is fantastic.i MUST HAVE IT. I made a dining table as you have. My dad made it for me as a Christmas gift. Absolutely lovely pictures.Did you made Shabby eggs?:))
Have a nice day Vlaďka

Simply Me said...

i Did make it that one was going to be yours, still not done with it, but i wanted to maybe make a bigger one for you !!! I'll surprise you

Simply Me said...

no shabby eggs.... bought them this Thank you so much for the Beautiful Comments ladies..

NanaDiana said...

It is gorgeous-$200 is worth it if it is your heart's desire and you will love it forever. That table is fantastic. I love it. Happy week after Easter to you and your sweet family- xo Diana

Simply Me said...

You are RIGHT NanaDiana!!!!!!!!!! well said

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Love that little table. Very useful and looks great! Your kids are so cute, and you are beautiful.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hey there, Tausha,
I love everything. That table is amazing and fits in your kitchen so well. The layers of fabric and flowers are beautiful, you make me want to go rearrange the flowers I have here!

Gabe and Sadi are so cute in their beach wear, oh, and LOVE the ombre look, it works for you!

(Looking forward to your help too, will be so great!)
xoxo from here

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Oh my goodness!! Are you serious??!! Thanks so much Tausha..I LOVE it sooo much!! You just made my day!! ~hugs~

Cindy said...

Man, that sofa sooooo rocks! So does your cool new table in the kitchen... so shabby and perfect. I love your little Simply Me sign too. What an adorable charming gift... it's all chippy in the most perfect way!


Heaven's Walk said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous, Tausha! I love it all - and your hair, too! :)

xoxo laurie

Sherry Hicks said...

I love the Endurance Banner hanging above your couch.. I had it in the cart the other day.....but instead got the Faith Pillow, I agree that some of the things are very expensive but with the poster above if it is your hearts desire and you love it then it is worth the money!!
Love your hair!!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Love it all, as always, Tausha! The kids are adorable and love your new hair color, Beautiful, all of it and all of you! I love your shabby chic home.


It's me said...

What a lovely post !!...happy new week

The Spanish Dahlia said...

Hi Tausha~
OMG, I'm swooning over every picture! I LOVE everything!!! I'm also digging all the lavender accents strewn about...
Have a great day,

~ Stephanie

Anonymous said...

I noticed your hair is forming a heart shape on the bed - so cool!
I think the banner is stunning there and worth it.
Your bunnies are delightful!
Happy Spring!

Romantic Whites said...

Hello Tausha. Beauty in every photo!!! Can you email me at

Anonymous said...

Hi Tausha!

Everything is so beautiful! Love your new Endurance wall hanging! Is it purple in color or pinkish - it's hard to tell. Love your new table, too! Your hair looks good that color, I like it! The kids look adorable in their bathing suits. The bunnies are so cute - love them! They sure do look well fed! I was so glad to see a post from you. I love all of your gorgeous fabrics and that little white/silver basket on your new table. It's so pretty!


Ann. :)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say I love your new Simply Me sign. That is really cute - all perfectly chippy& shabby& in a great pink color! That was sweet of your blogger friend to make it for you!

... Ann

Michele said...

Hi ~
Your Blog is sooo cute and everything in your home is too. You are simply talented and an inspiration to me.

Michele ~ Happy Late Easter

Mogis Cottage said...

Hello, it is wonderful all the time to have a look. Your children are so sweet, the rabbits, too.
I love your blog, its so inspiring, but I always think, where do you find the wonderful fabric. Your house is full of it.
I think that your style is almost a little more inspiring than Rachel Ashwell, because you have a more romantic style.
Have a nice weekend.
Love Tina

Lady of the Woods said...

Inspirational and beauty in all corners! LOL I love it! I wonder if you can share how you get that lavender color? I'm trying to use natural dyes but cannot get the shade I want, I see it there in your pics....please advise? Lady

Vintage Home said...

So wonderful...great post! I too was @ Target & thought of you...bought our daughter the white duvet set for her bed.
Not sure you really wanted advice on your older mirror but as soon as you said that I thought...she should hang it in her kitchen...not sure where as I don't know your layout! I have a mirror between my stove top & my range love love it..even tho the space is small makes the room seem so long! now I know yours is too big for that but.....
Crazy about your sweet kids & your hair!...AND your bag the colour theme!
I am crazy about framed mirrors ..we sell vintage ones and boy we could never get as good a deal as yours...mirror is expensive...seems you got a great deal for a great mirror!

Cherub Cottage said...

OMG I love your blog, your home is sooo inspire me...I too just found a full length mirror at a yard sale for $15 it is an antique one in a wood casing...I am going to try to shabbie it up and post how I did it on my blog. Keep up the lovely work on your blog. Love the star...right where it is.... hugs :)

Lisse said...

love the jeans you're wearing in the picture about your hair, what brand is it?


Unknown said...

hi, I know I'm late to this thread but i was wondering if you can tell me what brand of distressed jeans you are wearing in the picture with stripped sweater?


Unknown said...

hi what is the brand of jeans you are wearing with the stripped sweater? They are soo cute


Unknown said...

sorry to bug but what brand or where did you get the striped sweater as well? now that i think about it the whole outfit is so cute!!