Peaceful Barn.

Peaceful Barn.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some photos i have taken over the last week!!

Thank you Sherry Hicks for making my Beautiful Union Jack Throw!! time for another one...
Pink and Blue Dream Catchers...are my favorite!! 
My Lazy days are spent here...
cute baby blue rugs, go with my nail polish and
baby blue P Js, to go with my new bedding...LOL  Gap Body ladies on sale...soft and comfy
Swim suite cover up ........Marshalls..
New Sandals.....Urban outfitters.......$19 on sale.. perfect for summer
some material i make the Dream Catchers with 
After all them Beautiful Photos....REALITY !!! this is what the children do as i'm going to grab my camera, i come back and see this.......I Love to take Photos of my world.........and this was a Moment!!


Dru Atkinson said...

Hi Tausha, I am Dru! Iam so DELIGHTED to see you back blogging and taking your wonderful photos. Rachel Pallas forward you a note I sent her hope you received it! You have been such a lovely inspiration and I want you to continue being beautiful you. I am a 56 yr old Mom of two 24 and 19. I have loved shabby chic since I was a very young girl. We own a 70 yr old cape cod in OKC ( but Iam a beach girl all the way) My favorite places I have lived Puerto Rico, Virginia Beach and sweet Lakeland Florida a place I would move back to in a second! My sister lives there and my dearest friend. ) My home is decorated with old chippy, pink, robin's egg blue, whites, old green and my favorite aqua. My kitchen still has the original aqua counters I need new ones but cannot part with the old ones. I have collected china with roses for years. I sew and love my home life! Pale pink roses my favorite! Thank you for not allowing unkind words stop you from being you... Looking forward to reading your blog. Maybe one day SOON I will start my own blog." Just stuck on a name?" My hubby and friends have been asking me for awhile that I need to start one! So if I do you shall be my first credit! Have a wonderful day many blessings to you and your children! Dru

Lauren said...

Hi! Glad you are back! Would you do a tutorial on how you make your dream catchers? They are gorgeous!

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

Gorgeous! Love your styling and the soft color palette.

Michelle Fallon said...

Love that last picture the most :O) All the rest are stunning but the one with all the kids toys is just too cute

K. M. said...



Nice blog.

Pretty Little Things said...

I absolutely love your blog!! your house is stunning! what an inspiration! The colours, the fabrics, all beautiful! Wish i had your house!

A x

Anonymous said...

Do you sell your dream catchers? Also was curious where you got your bedding? Everything is absolutely gorgeous!!! Thx Jules

denise sorino said...

Love these. Also wonder about the bedding n the dream catchers?